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MSA built-in coordination with 1st Sports Science Government College.
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Vertical Jump Test

The athlete dips his or her fingers in chalk powder and stands side - wise against the wall, keeping the arm raised completely above the head and clap the extended hand marked with chalk on finger straight.The athlete jump as high up as possible and touch the wall.The reading shall be noted by keeping eyes in level with the chalk mark on the progressed marking.Three attempts are permitted.

Ball Throw

The subject sits in the centre of the one meter diameter’ s circle with his / her legs stretched forward comfortably.Legs should also be securely apart and spine should be in line with the centre of the circle as shown in fig.4. From this position subject throws the ball up and forward as far as possible with both the hands over the head.Three attempts are permitted.

30 Meters Flying Start

The athlete stands behind the line “D” and on signal accelerates and crosses the line “E” with extreme possible speed and also cross the line “F” with same speed. Athletes are not permitted to run with spikes. Two trials are permitted.

6x10 Meters Shuttle Run

The athlete(02 together) stands behind the starting line.On the command of starting signal“ GO” athlete runs faster, goes nearest to the other line and touches it with one hand, turns and comes back to the starting line, touches it with hand, turns and repeats it for a total of 5 times and 6 th time runs over the line as fast as possible.Two chances are permitted.

800 Meters Run

The athlete stands behind the starting line.On the starting signal athlete runs the 400 meters distance i.e., two times in 400m track as limited time as possible.